At the Online Educa 2016 in Berlin it was pleaded for using more business simulations as a HR tool.

Find out which simulation solutions are new in the SIMDUSTRY® portfolio:

SIMSalesUnleash your sales potential!

Within the one-day (+x) simulation SIMSales your delegates are salespeople in competing companies taking over the task of finding, acquiring and developing customer relations. Each company is competing for the “Highest Score of Commercial Efficiency”.

In teams they explore the full process of customer acquisition, development and management. The delegates simulate the complete sales process: planning, prospecting, need identification, presentation, managing objections, closure and follow up.

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SIMSales RetailPropel your sales people’s potential!

In 4 hours the SIMSales Retail simulation turns your delegates into sales people in competing retail companies. Each company is competing for the “maximum commercial efficiency”.

In teams they explore and simulate the five steps of the sales process: 1) needs identification, 2) presentation and upsell, 3) objection handling, 4) closing and – last but not least –  5) cross selling.

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In the development pipeline

Look forward to:

  • SIMDUSTRY® Service
  • SIMBGM (Corporate Health Management)
  • SIMLabor Law
  • SIMChange
  • SIMComplexity


Webbased Solutions?!

Are you looking for webbased solutions? Please contact us! With our cooperation partner, we have expanded our portfolio with online solutions, which serve as an addition to our board-based business simulations.