Gamification – this is the much discussed innovative knowledge transfer method / format which enables to impart topic-specific learning in a realistic, sustainable and fun way. And the market of products and providers is growing steadily – same with regard to board simulations! With an eye to investment decisions become answers on education-relevant questions such as …

How can “leadership topics” be depicted?

Learning “People Management / Leadership” on a simulation board – how is that supposed to work?

How individually can company and participant-specific learning goals be achieved through a predefined business simulation?

Should it be a ready-to-use simulation or a tailor-made simulation – when does which approache make sense?

the more important.

These and other issues are central to decision-makers and managers when training alternatives need to be compared in terms of duration, cost, and impact.

On December 12 2018, you get an idea of ​​the methodology regarding …

  • Sustainable learning through enthusiasm
  • Experience correlations and interdependencies directly
  • Capture models, concepts & theories with fun

Discuss the usage and customization of simulations with developers and trainers and experience “Gamification Live” through different business simulations.

The teams of MACHWÜRTH TEAM INTERNATIONAL and SIMDUSTRY® are looking forward to meeting you and answering your questions during free business simulation game day.

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