Goal of the simulation

The participant‘s awareness for workplace health management (WHM) is going to be raised. They learn how workplaces can be designed to promote health, which elements the WHM contains and what the consequences are. The essential learning experience is the realization of how one’s own sphere of influence can be specifically influenced in order to improve the WHM. The improvements should benefit both the individual employees and the entire company.

Structure and procedure/process of the simulation

The entire group of participants is divided into small groups (3-5 people). These small groups have the task of managing and developing the WHM in their company on the simulation board as effectively and efficiently as possible. Therefore, they must use resources (time and money) well considered and achieve the best possible result.

In the course of the simulation, they first deal with the strategy of the WHM. The task of the strategy is to establish a suitable structure for the WHM and to select and install suitable services.

Key – Learnings

Essential findings / learnings participant’s will take away are:

  • Creation and implementation of a strategy for the WHM
  • The tasks of the manager in the field of WHM
  • Focusing on employee behavior and appropriate control measures
  • The appropriate, right communication for your own team and environment

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