Today, employees and executives are faced with the challenge of operating in a world that is increasingly shaped by VUCA:

Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity

Finding a suitable training tool that optimally prepares for the associated challenges is becoming increasingly important – for the individual and for companies!

Business simulations are a key to this solution! But what exactly is a business simulation? And what specific competences can business simulations develop (further)?

Therefore, SIMDUSTRY® ( ) and Almujaz training ( ), invite you to our business simulation day especially for the banking sector on 15th of December from 10 a.m. till 2 p.m. to get familiar with business simulations. Experience live and get an idea of this methodology / tool regarding …

  • The functionality and added value of business simulations
  • Sustainable learning through enthusiasm
  • Relationships and interdependencies – directly experienced
  • Models, concepts and theories – captured with fun


Why especially fort the banking sector? You’ll get to know SIMBanking!

Within SIMBanking you turn into board members of competing banks responsible for making key decisions to gain leadership position in the market and to grow their businesses sustainably and profitably. You will develop a strategy and pursue it while experiencing various financial periods with changing economic conditions.




So, come and join! Measure yourself and your decisions against others. And discuss the use and adaptability of business simulations and/or SIMBanking with Frans van Laar, SIMDUSTRY®’s Lead Trainer for SIMBanking and Head of global qualification. For further information, please read!