Development Programs

– Holistic Programs & Innovative Tools –

Learning Architectures

Your development programs as holistic learning architectures


The vertical development of your employees in a next hierarchical level as well as the horizontal development in a professional career is an elementary success factor for growth and change in your organization.

For more than 15 years SIMDUSTRY® has worked in intensive dialogs with its clients to create company-specific, pragmatic and holistic development programs.

Design with the professionals from SIMDUSTRY® the perfect fit for your learning architecture – an effective web of modular leadership and soft skills trainings, embedded in innovative learning formats and supported by the latest tools in the global L&D market.


Leadership“ Programs

Reflection & support for executives in their management role


“Talent Development“ Programs

Preparation and training for talents towards their next development step


“Professional“ Development Programs

Preparation and accompanying of employees on their professional career paths


Innovative tools for sustainable employee development – within or outside programs

Classroom trainings – whether individual or modular – can only create an “awareness” and be a first step in the employee development.

The actual learning begins at the workplace where we can support your employees to reach their individual goals – through the innovative tools in the SIMDUSTRY® modular system!

Use a variety of digital methods to learn how to anchor sustainable learning in your company!

Video Role Play

– Your Virtual Soft Skill Trainer –

Virtual situation trainings with continual, individual participant feedback – that is “Video Role Play“!

Winner of the Gold Award of Brandon Hall Group in 2015, this tool enables:


virtual, topic-specific role plays with trainer and peer feedback


Organizational developement through Best Practice Sharing for current and future employees of your organization

On various levels participants  train their real-life communication situations from their daily work life which are designed for their company – virtual and thereby with no extra additional costs or productivity loss due to travel, workplace absence, etc.

Possible topics are geared to your concrete needs, e.g.


Sales / Customer discussions


Customer complaints




Feedback discussions (with employees)


Annual performance reviews


Giving negative feedback

… and much more.

How that works?  A short overview …


The trainer, coach or department head describes training scenarios and uploads a video recording online for the participants – if necessary with additional material of various formats.


Participants are automatically informed by Email about a new version. Depending on their availability and their own schedules, they now have the possibility to flexibly participate in the training from their workplace, from their homes, on the train, etc. Either directly or later they can record and upload their results as videos with one click.


The trainer, the manager or a peer can give the participant an intensive feedback as a text or video message or with an evaluation grid.

Brandon Hall Award - Gold 2015

Learning App

– Learning by short text messages –

Short, individual reflections and continual reminders – related to the learning topic – are essential for a sustainable learning transfer!

The time investment for the participant is the success factor – and even inversely proportional: for maximal attentiveness and effect, the time investment must be as short as possible.

Therefore: learning and guided reflections per text message or push message!

In a further Learning App step, organizational development is integrated. Concretely this means: “social learning“ through the linking of participants in virtual space. With this online tool learning takes place not only individually, but also in the team through feedback and best practice sharing.

The short, effective and interactive inputs enable employees and whole teams to integrate learnings and implement actions on the job with minimal effort.

In addition, the statistic function reveals the learning progress of the group and each individual.

Optimal duration: depending on the topic and the target group,  2 – 3 times a week during a period of 4 – 6 weeks after the training.

Skill Hero

– Verhaltenscoaching per App –

Reaching set goals successfully  – your chances increase with continuous monitoring and  personal support … in short: with Skill Hero!

Skills Hero starts where your employees‘ training stops.

At the training topic-specific models were discussed, personal reflection was initiated and impulses for behavioral change were developed individually or discussed in the group.
Subsequently individual learnings were transferred in the work context of your employees: by setting personal goals and timings.

Here is where Skill Hero comes into play – by accompanying each individual on the road to reaching these goals.

Your employees upload their goals and action steps in the app, which controls and steers the learning transfer and shows your employees – with the stastistic option among others if and how far they have progressed on their goal achievement.

Important to know: The learning and the goal achievement take place within a community. The participants can exchange ideas and experiences and share best practice – thereby learning with and from each other in the social arena. And, of course, they can experience and celebrate the goal achievement of each participant together!

Board Simulations

– risk-free learning in the real company world –

Your company is unique – and this should be reflected in the simulations you use for developing your employees!

No matter which SIMDUSTRY® simulation you choose: the SIMDUSTRY® experts adapt every simulation to match your learning goals and integrate your specific company reality turning each SIMDUSTRY® simulation into your very own simulation!

Learn more about SIMDUSTRY®’s two simulations approaches:


Have a quick look if SIMDUSTRY® already has a solution for your topic and need. []


100% tailor-made!
You want to mimic your individual company reality, your processes and your topics 100%? Then develop together with the  SIMDUSTRY® simulation experts your own simulation  – on your specific topic, with your terminology and your company logo with your CI! []

The 360° Feedback!

– Holistic feedback –

360 degree feedback is a tool that provides each employee the opportunity to receive feedback on its actions & behaviours from his or her manager and peers, as well as a self assessment.

This tool is an online-questionnaire that allows each individual to understand how his or her effectiveness as an employee, co-worker or staff member is viewed by others.

To ensure confidentiality, this 360° will be conducted by a neutral third party supplier. Consequently the results will be distributed to each employee (only!) during the training in a sealed envelope – the employee will decide with whom he or she wants to share the results.


And much more!

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