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#ATD2019 International Conference and Exposition is right around the corner. From 19.-22. May 2019, numerous speakers and exhibitors will share knowledge, strategies and solutions to attract, develop and retain top talent.
Join SIMDUSTRY’s international delegation to experience the biggest global talent development learning event in 2019. And benefit from special prizes for delegation members. How to become a member of the delegation? Just get in touch with brandl[at]

What can you expect to experience and get to know at the SIMDUSTRY®booth number 2437?

  • How can I enrich my product portfolio and/or L&D programs by customizable ready-to-use or even 100% tailor-made business simulations?
  • How can I enrich trainings and/or business simulations by digitalization?

How to find our SIMDUSTRY® booth? Click here for a layout plan of the Exposition hall!

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Free Workshop on Business Simulations – Experience live the optimal combination of sustainable learning and fun!

Gamification – this is the much discussed innovative knowledge transfer method / format which enables to impart topic-specific learning in a realistic, sustainable and fun way. And the market of products and providers is growing steadily – same with regard to board simulations! With an eye to investment decisions become answers on education-relevant questions such as …

How can “leadership topics” be depicted?

Learning “People Management / Leadership” on a simulation board – how is that supposed to work?

How individually can company and participant-specific learning goals be achieved through a predefined business simulation?

Should it be a ready-to-use simulation or a tailor-made simulation – when does which approache make sense?

the more important.

These and other issues are central to decision-makers and managers when training alternatives need to be compared in terms of duration, cost, and impact.

On December 12 2018, you get an idea of ​​the methodology regarding …

  • Sustainable learning through enthusiasm
  • Experience correlations and interdependencies directly
  • Capture models, concepts & theories with fun

Discuss the usage and customization of simulations with developers and trainers and experience “Gamification Live” through different business simulations.

The teams of MACHWÜRTH TEAM INTERNATIONAL and SIMDUSTRY® are looking forward to meeting you and answering your questions during free business simulation game day.

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New and to discover on the biggest European HR/L&D expo (Zukunft Personal)!

Continuously developing products and offers to our customers is not only one of the core tasks of the SIMDUSTTRY® team, but it is our own passion!

This year you can expect a L&D solution that has not yet existed on the training market – “Development Assessment meets Simulations”. And at the same time the SIMDUSTRY® portfolio has grown. Get to know the newest ready-to-use simulations that covers thematically highly relevant performance topics!

NEW! Development Assessment meets Simulation

For the maximum return on investment, 100% individualized development programs and training are the key. At the same time, this can only be partially covered by trainings – and this is exactly where “Development Assessment meets Simulation” comes into play.

Together with the world-renowned assessment expert of Thalento®, we have developed thematically tailored development assessments during the last 12 month. Those Development Assessments individualize the SIMDUSTRY® trainings as follows:

  • Step 1: The Development Assessment enables each participant to understand his / her strengths and weaknesses profile (which can also be used for internal development discussions)
  • Step 2: The trainings are adjusted according to the individual participant profiles
  • Step 3: Individual and topicwise relevant reflection and goal-setting tasks are integrated into the training and individually processed by each participant
  • Step 4: After a self-defined period of time, the development assessment is run through again to show development successes and ongoing learning fields


NEW! SIMComplexity

Within SIMDUSTRY® SIMComplexity your participants act as executives of various business units a company. They are accountable for the performance of their team/group. During several decision-making sessions they analyze and evaluate diverse complex situations in order to find effective strategies andapproaches to address the situation.



Possible learning goals/topics:

  • Discover and observe complexity drivers
  • Analyze categories of problems methodically
  • Master the complete range of options to respond to problems
  • Use emotional intelligence in leadership
  • When key figures are not enough: learn the value of Values for orientation
  • …and much more

further information here.

NEW! SIMService

SIMDUSTRY® SIMService turns your delegates into managers of competing service providers. Over several business periods they set up strategic goals, take business decisions and manage processes in order to become the most successful company!

Possible learning goals/topics:

  • Entrepreneurial thinking & acting for sustainable competitiveness
  • Balance Sheet, P&L Statement, Cash Flow Statement
  • Processes & value flows within the organization
  • Performance & decision relevant indicators (KPIs)
  • Strategy development & strategic decision-making processes
  • HR Management and development
  • …and much more

further information here.


SIMDUSTRY® SIMTeam turns your delegates into managers in competing companies, taking responsibility for propelling performance and maximizingmotivation in their teams. Over several business periods and during several decision-making sessions they analyze and evaluate diverse complex situations in order to find effective strategies and approaches to manage  their team‘s performance and relationships. They compete with each other for the highest “Team Performance Score”!



Possible learning goals/topics:

  • Individual leadership and development
  • Motivation, feedback & performance management of employees & teams
  • Sources of conflicts & conflict solving styles in teams
  • Team development phases & team dynamics
  • Reaction & direct application of learnings on the own real-life team
  • …and much more

further information here.

How education changes – change and new challenges in further education

From 20th to 24th February this year’s didacta will take place. It is considered to be the world’s largest trade show, providing comprehensive insights into the entire education system – from early childhood education through education, higher education and vocational training to lifelong learning. In addition to numerous exhibitors, didacta offers its visitors many hands-on activities, product presentations and lectures.

On February 24, 2018, SIMDUSTRY® Managing Director Stefanie Flecke, together with Ute Roehl (Managing Director, Ute Roehl Trainervermittlung) and Chrisoula Angelidou (Director of Learning and Organizational Development & Talent and Health Management, HARTING KGaA) is going to talk about the changes that are taking place in the course of increasing digitization make its way into the world of further education.

Take a look behind the scenes of the speakers who report from their daily practice. And learn from these three different angles:

  • What does digitisation and internationalization mean for further education?
  • What options does digitization offer and what are the hurdles to be overcome and which ones have already been taken?
  • Which paths were chosen and which experiences were made with them?

The panel discussion will take place on 24.02.2018 from 11: 30-12: 30 in hall 13, booth 50.