Business Simulation - When to opt for a tailor made one, when for a ready-to-use one?

Perhaps you still remember “Business simulations – more than just “fun by gamification” – there it was said that simulations can be tailor-made or ready-to-use (see HR Performance 6, 2017).

This raises the question: When should simulations be 100% tailored to your own company and when are “ready-to-use”, means already existing simulations the right choice?

Business Simulations - More than just "fun by gamification"!

Serios games, simulation games, gamification, business simulations – these are many terms for an identical and highly effective tool in today’s HR. But what exactly is behind it? Learn more about the extent to which simulations are the maximization of experience, learning and implementation.

Learning & Developing - Board simulations as an precisely fitting L&D instrument in VUCA times

Our work environment is characterized by rapidly changes. Globalization, digitization, sustainability, demographical change and conflicts of the generations X, Y and Z are just few key points that confront entrepreneurs and employees with challenges. But what do these changes mean for (senior) management, employees and corporate culture, and how do we learn to handle them? The article shows why simulation-based training are the tailor-made training / HR tool in our VUKA world .

Simulation based training as a HR tool (article published in the "Yearbook HR development. Topics, trends, best practices 2017)

Simulations mimik which system interventions and decisions in regaard to resources or persons have which effects – but without real consequences. The article describes the added value of game-based / simulation-based training and shows which obstructing and fostering set screws persons responsible for HR / L&D have to be considers when selecting, implementing and conducting business simulations.

Dirk Fröhlich in the ADG Interview (German!)

An interview with Dirk Fröhlich, trainer, consultant and co-owner of Fröhlich & Staines GbR and ADG editor Christian Gies. Dirk Fröhlich explains the approach of the newly implemented, innovative simulation.

Learn ... „Talent Development“ ... with fun (German!)

What influence does Talent Development and Binding have on the medium and long-term company success? Is talent development an HR task or actually a management competence for every team leader? Is talent development really just a matter of the available budget? More on this in HR Performance 6/2015

Management skills and business simulations - 2 left shoes? (German!)

The method article by Ute Roehl and Dina Weiler shows how soft leadership topics can be facilitated by a simulation. Published in the Impulse Workbook of GABAL e.V. (2016, Heidenheim,

iMOVE Success Stories

In which areas can a simulation be used? Read the example of the Dogus Group, a sales partner of VW!