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Taten sprechen lauter als Worte! Sie finden hier einen Auszug der Stimmen unserer Kund:innen und Partner:innen mit all ihren Erfolgsgeschichten. Schauen Sie sich um und lassen Sie sich inspirieren. 

Unsere Testimonials in Kürze dargestellt

Nick Walker

Chief HR Officer at Paysafe Group

„You can never under-invest in your future talents and your future leaders. For me, that investment has huge upsights as they grow and develop.“

Vanessa Hurt

Legal and Regulatory Counsel at Paysafe Group

„While working we tend to focus only on our area of expertise and not to see the bigger picture. The Business Simulation SIMService did a great job by reminding that we need to focus on that as well.“

Iva Vangelova

Portfolio Risk Manager at Paysafe Group

„SIMService was very helpful for me and I believe it is going to be very helpful for so many other people in our company.“

Ute Roehl

CEO at Ute Roehl Trainervermittlung

SIMDUSTRY® is a long-standing cooperation partner of ours.
Participants always positively emphasize that SIMDUSTRY®’s simulations are a lot of fun and that what is learned is clearly in-depth. By trying out the simulated business years, the knowledge is anchored much better compared to trainings without simulations.
Furthermore, we appreciate the international applicability of SIMDUSTRY®, as the trainers are represented worldwide and the national trainers have a high willingness to travel.

Gheorghe Andries

CEO at EVOLUTIV Consultants Network

Ever since I first interacted with Dirk and Steffi, I have discovered two people who think and are very similar in values ​​to us and to what Evolutiv claims. We appreciated the openness and the permanent support received from the whole SIMDUSTRY® team and that is why we understood very quickly the value of the simulations for our business. Because of this, I purchased in just a few years and certified trainers for 7 different simulations fromSIMDUSTRY®. For the Evolutiv business,SIMDUSTRY® simulations represent a source of differentiation on the Romanian learning market.

Doug Hung

Director at HPO Group

SIMDUSTRY® has deep expertise around creating corporate simulation programs on strategy, leadership and management. We like working with SIMDUSTRY® because of its ability to tailor all types of business scenario into a unique learning experience. We feel confident about what we can offer to our clients knowing that the SIMDUSTRY® team is led by leaders with decades of experience serving some of the largest multinational clients. They have a sterling reputation among training providers in various countries across Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Stas Koulikov

Partner at ECOPSY Consulting

SIMDUSTRY® offers high quality products that were developed to simulate business reality precisely and which make the participants feel interest and engagement when they manage their companies, compete and try strategies safely. It has very strong learning impact. Not only in terms of financial literacy but business acumen as well. It’s a pleasure for us to get support from SIMDUSTRY® any time we need it, and we appreciate the atmosphere of trust SIMDUSTRY® team builds. SIMDUSTRY® never stops to invent new great simulations and formats that help people to learn more effectively. Our customers appreciate finding best solutions for developing managers. They say that SIMDUSTRY® gives very rich experience and a lot of insights for work.

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