SIMDUSTRY® & ATD invite to…

ATD, the association for talent development invites to the biggest exposition of the L&D industry!

As an L&D expert, you probably ask yourself how to stay ahead in the Industry. Would you like to create motivational, educational, experiential learning and integrate these into one learning journey?

Come and join the ATD and learn about the various solutions and opportunities of the industry.

„ATD in a nutshell“

  • The biggest reunion of the L&D industry
  • Join more than 13,000 professionals from plus 80 countries and learn about new trends, developments, and tools of the industry.
  • For 80 years committed to providing first-class service
  • Stay ahead, be aware of T&D´s and learn strategies to implement with your colleagues
  • World-class speakers (Jay Shetty & Bert Jacobs) & thought leadership included
  • Networking events & the opportunity to build lifelong business partnerships
  • More than 300 education sessions focused on 14 content tracks.

„How to book your seat with SIMDUSTRY®“

  1. Become part at our delegation WhatsApp group.
  2. Leave a comment with on-site or remote.
  3. Receive our delegation code.
  4. Use the link to sign in to the ATD In ORLANDO!
  5. Use the link to sign in to the ATD remote!
  6. Scroll down & click, join an existing delegation.
  7. Add the Code.
  8. Discount will be applied.
  9. Welcome to our SIMDUSTRY® delegation!
  10. Start exchanging with other delegation members!

Benefits of the SIMDUSTRY® delegation!

Aboard our journey to the ATD, become part of our unity, and explore the numerous opportunities of this exposition.

What is in for you & your company?

Why become part of a delegation?

On top of your discounted delegation rate, you will receive…

Early Bird Discount of 150$ before March 18 for your on-site experience !

Early Bird Discount of 100$ before March 18 for your remote experience !

Different, detailed discount benefits see below!

Reduced ATD-Membership fee.
199$ instead of 229$

Enjoy 12-month access to high-quality tools, research reports, templates & industry-proven solutions.

Daily Check-In & Check-out with your delegation leader and other delegation members.. Meet the company leaders of SIMDUSTRY®!
Take part in our get togethers!

Learning as a Unity!
Exchange with known and also unknown peers.
Network your way through your delegation.
Get inspired, take part in community brainstorms and discuss possible opportunities.

Pricing benefits of the SIMDUSTRY® delegation!

Standard price on-site:
2450$ as a non-ATD-member
2050$ as an ATD-member
Delegation price on-site:
2025$ a non-ATD-member
1625$ as an ATD-member
Standard price remote:
750$ as a non-ATD-member
595$ as an ATD-member
Delegation price remote:
695$ a non-ATD-member
550$ as an ATD-member

Still need to convince your Boss?

We know it can be a challenge to get your Boss on board. We provide you with a template on how to approach your company leaders.
You can download it here