Nick Walker

Chief HR Officer at Paysafe Group

„You can never under-invest in your future talents and your future leaders. For me, that investment has huge upsights as they grow and develop.“

The Background

Our Business Simulation SIMService was implemented as an assessment tool into the High Potential Program by Paysafe.

SIMService was part of the last module where the participants had to prove their expertise.

The Story

The Challenges

  • As the PaySafe Group is an international company, it is necessary to find the talents among many countries and bring them together so that they can attend the High Potentials Development Program „Front Runner“.
  • All the talents are unique and diverse. So the individual training elements should also be unique and diverse in order to develop all talents in the best possible way.

The Solutions

  • „SIMService really did bring all those facets of a leadership program for young people together in one finale BIG BANG solution.“ – Nick Walker
  • „For me, it is the perfect scenario, where you are in a safe working environment. You are not exposing your company, because it is simulated. There is no better way to see how a team of potential leaders work together so that we really can identify those who outshine others.“ – Nick Walker
  • The facts, that SIMService is commercially driven, adaptable and very innovative, led the PaySafe Group choose our simulation over other competitors.

The Outcomes

  • The future Leaders learned in a safe (simulated) environment to lead teams.
  • For the HR department, our business simulation SIMService was a great opportunity to detect the future talents.
  • Consequently, only those participants who performed very well during the High Potential Program were allowed to participate in SIMService.
  • The perfect way to assess how a future leader can adapt, can problem solve, can collaborate, can work with others, can communicate. It’s the perfect scenario to see how a team of future leaders work together and really identify those who outshine.“ – Nick Walker

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