6 reasons for business simulations


“Real time“ Feedback

Consequences of decisions and behaviors are experienced directly


Visualization of relationships and interactions relevant for success

Mapping of the complexity and interdependencies of decisions and behaviors


Risk free learning

“Learning by doing” without economic or personal consequences


Reproducing individual business situations

Illustration of the real business world in the simulation board


Team work & interaction

Networking and exchange of experience between the simulation teams and the members


Learning in competition/ Multiplayer environment

Having fun in competition with other teams

What makes SIMDUSTRY® “different“?

Your company is unique – and this should be reflected in the simulations your employees use!

No matter which SIMDUSTRY® simulation you choose: the SIMDUSTRY® experts adapt every simulation to match your learning goals and integrate your specific company reality turning each SIMDUSTRY® simulation into your very own simulation!

Learn more about the two simulation approaches from SIMDUSTRY®:


Ready-to-use !

Have a quick look if SIMDUSTRY® already has a solution for your topic and need. Simulation – topic or industry-specific

Choose your simulation!

Tell our experts about your special learning goals and the branch and company specifics which you want to integrate – and you‘re already good to go!

More on the basic elements of a ready-to-use simulation? – Click here!


100% tailor-made !
You want to mimic your individual company reality, your processes and your topics 100%? Then develop together with the  SIMDUSTRY® simulation experts your own simulation  – on your specific topic, with your terminology and your company logo with your CI!
You need more information on this simulation approach? – Click here!