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Get deeper insights!

In this video you will get deep insights into how we work with our onsite and online simulations.
We have already been able to inspire over 5000 participants worldwide with our simulations.
Maybe we can soon count you among them.

9 Reasons for Business Simulations

Simulation games mimicking business realities have been taking over the L&D landscape as the next step to enhance traditional methods. SIMDUSTRY® is one of the leading simulation companies worldwide – onsite and online!
But what makes business simulations so effective for staff development?
Here are 6 scientifically proven reasons.

"Real Time" Feedback

Participants directly experience the consequences of decisions and behaviors.


Visualization of interactions for success

Mapping of the complexity and interdependencies of decisions and behavior.


Risk free Learning & culture of error

“Learning by doing” without economic or personal consequences which strengthens self-confidence.

Reproducing individual business situations

Illustration of a real business world in the simulation board.


Learning in competition

Having fun in competition with other teams.

Team working & interaction

Networking and exchange of experience between the simulation teams and the members.

Sustainable anchoring of learning

Higher memory through haptic & visual experience as well as repetition. Higher engagement through gamification elements.

Location-independent learning

Easy access to the digital simulation no matter where you are located / learning.

(Availabe for Online Simulations)

Low cost, effective training tool

Individualized learning for low investment, especially for large groups of participants.

(Availabe for Online Simulations)

What makes SIMDUSTRY® different?

Your company is unique – and this must also be reflected in the simulation you choose for your staff.

No matter which SIMDUSTRY® simulation you decide on: SIMDUSTRY® experts integrate your specific business reality and adapt every simulation to reach your learning goals. Every SIMDUSTRY® simulation becomes your individual business simulation!

The 2 simulation approaches from SIMDUSTRY®

Ready-to-use !
Have a quick look to see if there is already a SIMDUSTRY® solution geared to your needs. Whether specific to your topic or your business sector: choose your simulation!

Let our experts know about your specific learning goals and your sector & business specifics – and you’re ready to start.

100% tailor-made simulations 
You want to replicate 100% your own individual business reality, your processes and your topics? Then develop your individual simulation – on your topic, with your terminology and your logo in your CI – with the SIMDUSTRY® simulation experts!