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Free ticket for Zukunft Personal (Cologne) and inspiration for „Business Simulations and Development Programs“

In 2003, our simulation experts enthusiastically developed the first SIMDUSTRY® simulation for one of the international key players in the automotive industry. Today, in 2019, HR developer around the world use the now 13 ready-to-use but customizable! simulations and...

Silicon Valley Mindset, Business Simulations, Development Programs

Visit our lecture slots at Zukunft Personal Europe! We focus on the following topics: Best Practice - on the integration of ready-to-use and / or customized simulations by SIMDUSTRY® into your own HR activities Best Practice - Development Programs Do's & Don'ts...

Free ticket for Zukunft Personal Europe (Cologne) and inspirations for “Digital Footprint for your development initiatives”

"Digitization" is one of the central strategic pillars in companies - and SIMDUSTRY® is one of the internationally sought-after companies when it comes to the implementation and methods of digitization in the area of Learning & Development! Visit us and learn more...

Free Expo Tickets and special delegation conference tickets

#ATD2019 International Conference and Exposition is right around the corner. From 19.-22. May 2019, numerous speakers and exhibitors will share knowledge, strategies and solutions to attract, develop and retain top talent. Join SIMDUSTRY's international delegation to...

Free Workshop on Business Simulations – Experience live the optimal combination of sustainable learning and fun!

Gamification - this is the much discussed innovative knowledge transfer method / format which enables to impart topic-specific learning in a realistic, sustainable and fun way. And the market of products and providers is growing steadily - same with regard to board...

Free Workshop on Business Simulations 2019 - Berlin

Experience live the optimal combination of sustainable learning and fun! On June 21st 2019 in Berlin!

Zukunft Personal Europe 2019

Meet SIMDUSTRY® at the biggest HR fair in Cologne from 17.-19. September 2019!

Open MBTI Training Oktober 2019

On 28.10.2019 the 4th open MBTI Training »Designing a successful cooperation, understanding oneself and others better« takes place.



… glocal & 40+

Work with SIMDUSTRY® worldwide!

SIMDUSTRY® is active for you in over 40 countries across the globe! Our local partners in consulting and training ensure that your national context is integrated and that all measures are tailor-made to your company.

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Simdustry Weltkarte

… You

Find an explicit replica of your company reality!

The crucial success factor for sustainable learning is the replica of your company and your individual business reality. SIMDUSTRY® integrates your corporate reality and philosophy to reach your goals, whether in your simulation solution or in SIMDUSTRY® learning architectures

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… Edutrainment: ready to use or 100%

Choose between a variety ranging from ready-to-use board simulations up to 100% tailor-made simulations!

Simulations stand for a unity of “Education and Training with Entertainment“ – the perfect combination of  topic-relevant contents, an interactive setting for up to 20 participants and – just simply – fun! Depending on your needs you can use our “ready-to-use simulations“ on specific topic areas or develop your own simulation on your relevant topic with our development experts!

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 … Architectures

Choose between a range of single or multi-modular trainings up to complete development programs as holistic learning architectures!

In addition to simulations SIMDUSTRY® has designed development programs as tailor-made learning architectures for companies for more than 20 years – while integrating the most innovative methods and tools from learning psychology. Use the experience of global SIMDUSTRY® teams for your programs or for single or multi-modular trainings.

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