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Innovative Business Simulations

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Free Expo Tickets and special delegation conference tickets

#ATD2019 International Conference and Exposition is right around the corner. From 19.-22. May 2019, numerous speakers and exhibitors will share knowledge, strategies and solutions to attract, develop and retain top talent. Join SIMDUSTRY's international delegation to...

Free Workshop on Business Simulations – Experience live the optimal combination of sustainable learning and fun!

Gamification - this is the much discussed innovative knowledge transfer method / format which enables to impart topic-specific learning in a realistic, sustainable and fun way. And the market of products and providers is growing steadily - same with regard to board...

New and to discover on the biggest European HR/L&D expo (Zukunft Personal)!

Continuously developing products and offers to our customers is not only one of the core tasks of the SIMDUSTTRY® team, but it is our own passion! This year you can expect a L&D solution that has not yet existed on the training market - "Development Assessment...

How education changes – change and new challenges in further education

From 20th to 24th February this year's didacta will take place. It is considered to be the world's largest trade show, providing comprehensive insights into the entire education system - from early childhood education through education, higher education and vocational...

The SIMDUSTRY® network is growing

We welcome our 7 new cooperation partners from Indonesia Italy Canada Malaysia Poland Serbia Turkey  

Free Workshop on Business Simulations 2019 - Berlin

Experience live the optimal combination of sustainable learning and fun! On June 21st 2019 in Berlin!

Zukunft Personal Europe 2019

Meet SIMDUSTRY® at the biggest HR fair in Cologne from 17.-19. September 2019!

Open MBTI Training Oktober 2019

On 28.10.2019 the 4th open MBTI Training »Designing a successful cooperation, understanding oneself and others better« takes place.



… glocal & 40+

Work with SIMDUSTRY® worldwide!

SIMDUSTRY® is active for you in over 40 countries across the globe! Our local partners in consulting and training ensure that your national context is integrated and that all measures are tailor-made to your company.

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Simdustry Weltkarte

… You

Find an explicit replica of your company reality!

The crucial success factor for sustainable learning is the replica of your company and your individual business reality. SIMDUSTRY® integrates your corporate reality and philosophy to reach your goals, whether in your simulation solution or in SIMDUSTRY® learning architectures

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… Edutrainment: ready to use or 100%

Choose between a variety ranging from ready-to-use board simulations up to 100% tailor-made simulations!

Simulations stand for a unity of “Education and Training with Entertainment“ – the perfect combination of  topic-relevant contents, an interactive setting for up to 20 participants and – just simply – fun! Depending on your needs you can use our “ready-to-use simulations“ on specific topic areas or develop your own simulation on your relevant topic with our development experts!

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 … Architectures

Choose between a range of single or multi-modular trainings up to complete development programs as holistic learning architectures!

In addition to simulations SIMDUSTRY® has designed development programs as tailor-made learning architectures for companies for more than 20 years – while integrating the most innovative methods and tools from learning psychology. Use the experience of global SIMDUSTRY® teams for your programs or for single or multi-modular trainings.

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