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How education changes – change and new challenges in further education

From 20th to 24th February this year's didacta will take place. It is considered to be the world's largest trade show, providing comprehensive insights into the entire education system - from early childhood education through education, higher education and vocational...

The SIMDUSTRY® network is growing

We welcome our 7 new cooperation partners from Indonesia Italy Canada Malaysia Poland Serbia Turkey...

New Simulations: Sales, Online Solutions & more

At the Online Educa 2016 in Berlin it was pleaded for using more business simulations as a HR tool. Find out which simulation solutions are new in the SIMDUSTRY® portfolio: SIMSales - Unleash your sales potential! Within the one-day (+x) simulation SIMSales your...

Smart Emotion Radiotalk – Turn your radio on on April 25, 2016!

Learning with fun / learning with gaming?! Dirk Fröhlich (Managing Director of SIMDUSTRY®) has received a spontaneous invitation for a radiotalk together with our Indonesian cooperation partner HR Excellency. At 2 o'clock (German time) they will be talking about the...

Strong and efficient sales – 1-minute video SIMSales Retail

Sales is an important issue for you? Take a look at the new 1-minute explanatory video for SIMSales Retail! SIMSales Retail is our 4 - (+ x) - hour ready-to-use simulation. Participants are sellers in competing retail companies. Each company competes for the "maximum...

ATD 2018

SIMDUSTRY® presents the added value of simulations
In San Diego from 6th till 9th of May 2018

Zukunft Personal 2018

SIMDUSTRY®  at the Zukunft Personal
in Cologne from 11. – 13. September 2018



… glocal & 25+

Work with SIMDUSTRY® worldwide!

SIMDUSTRY® is active for you in over 25 countries across the globe! Our local partners in consulting and training ensure that your national context is integrated and that all measures are tailor-made to your company.

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… You

Find an explicit replica of your company reality!

The crucial success factor for sustainable learning is the replica of your company and your individual business reality. SIMDUSTRY® integrates your corporate reality and philosophy to reach your goals, whether in your simulation solution or in SIMDUSTRY® learning architectures

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… Edutrainment: ready to use or 100%

Choose between a variety ranging from ready-to-use board simulations up to 100% tailor-made simulations!

Simulations stand for a unity of “Education and Training with Entertainment“ – the perfect combination of  topic-relevant contents, an interactive setting for up to 20 participants and – just simply – fun! Depending on your needs you can use our “ready-to-use simulations“ on specific topic areas or develop your own simulation on your relevant topic with our development experts!

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 … Architectures

Choose between a range of single or multi-modular trainings up to complete development programs as holistic learning architectures!

In addition to simulations SIMDUSTRY® has designed development programs as tailor-made learning architectures for companies for more than 20 years – while integrating the most innovative methods and tools from learning psychology. Use the experience of global SIMDUSTRY® teams for your programs or for single or multi-modular trainings.

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SIMDUSTRY® at the German Educational Award 2016