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The SIMDUSTRY® network is growing

We welcome our 7 new cooperation partners from Indonesia Italy Canada Malaysia Poland Serbia Turkey...

New Simulations: Sales, Online Solutions & more

At the Online Educa 2016 in Berlin it was pleaded for using more business simulations as a HR tool. Find out which simulation solutions are new in the SIMDUSTRY® portfolio: SIMSales - Unleash your sales potential! Within the one-day (+x) simulation SIMSales your...

Smart Emotion Radiotalk – Turn your radio on on April 25, 2016!

Learning with fun / learning with gaming?! Dirk Fröhlich (Managing Director of SIMDUSTRY®) has received a spontaneous invitation for a radiotalk together with our Indonesian cooperation partner HR Excellency. At 2 o'clock (German time) they will be talking about the...

Strong and efficient sales – 1-minute video SIMSales Retail

Sales is an important issue for you? Take a look at the new 1-minute explanatory video for SIMSales Retail! SIMSales Retail is our 4 - (+ x) - hour ready-to-use simulation. Participants are sellers in competing retail companies. Each company competes for the "maximum...

Leading virtual team – 1-minute video SIMRemote

Virtual team leadership is an important issue for you? Take a look at the new 1-minute explanatory video to SIMRemote! SIMRemote is our 1 - (+ x) - day, ready to use simulation. Participants are managers in competing companies, who are responsible for a remote team...

ATD 2018

SIMDUSTRY® presents the added value of simulations
In San Diego from 6th till 9th of May 2018

Zukunft Personal 2018

SIMDUSTRY®  at the Zukunft Personal
in Cologne from 11. – 13. September 2018



… glocal & 25+

Work with SIMDUSTRY® worldwide!

SIMDUSTRY® is active for you in over 25 countries across the globe! Our local partners in consulting and training ensure that your national context is integrated and that all measures are tailor-made to your company.

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… You

Find an explicit replica of your company reality!

The crucial success factor for sustainable learning is the replica of your company and your individual business reality. SIMDUSTRY® integrates your corporate reality and philosophy to reach your goals, whether in your simulation solution or in SIMDUSTRY® learning architectures

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… Edutrainment: ready to use or 100%

Choose between a variety ranging from ready-to-use board simulations up to 100% tailor-made simulations!

Simulations stand for a unity of “Education and Training with Entertainment“ – the perfect combination of  topic-relevant contents, an interactive setting for up to 20 participants and – just simply – fun! Depending on your needs you can use our “ready-to-use simulations“ on specific topic areas or develop your own simulation on your relevant topic with our development experts!

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 … Architectures

Choose between a range of single or multi-modular trainings up to complete development programs as holistic learning architectures!

In addition to simulations SIMDUSTRY® has designed development programs as tailor-made learning architectures for companies for more than 20 years – while integrating the most innovative methods and tools from learning psychology. Use the experience of global SIMDUSTRY® teams for your programs or for single or multi-modular trainings.

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SIMDUSTRY® at the German Educational Award 2016