Iva Vangelova

Portfolio Risk Manager

„SIMService was very helpful for me and I believe it is going to be very helpful for so many other people in our company.“

The Background

Our Business Simulation SIMService was implemented as an assessment tool into the High Potential Program by Paysafe.

SIMService was part of the last module where the participants had to prove their expertise.

Only those participants who performed very well during the High Potential Program were allowed to participate in SIMService.

Iva Vangelova was one of the participants of SIMService.

The Story

The Challenges

  • Iva Vangelova moved from the compliance department to the risk department where she would need a deeper financial understanding. Therefore she needed to learn more about finance.
  • Iva Vangelova also was very shy and would not speak in front of people before attending the Paysafe High Potential Program.

The Solutions

  • In order to develop professionally and interpersonally, Iva Vangelova participated in SIMService.

The Outcomes

  • During the SIMService session, Iva Vangelova was working in a group with other people, discussing ideas and thoughts. This gave her a lot of confidence and helped her to overcome her shyness.
  • She gained a deeper understanding of the financial sight of the business.
  • While participating in SIMService, she understood how senior management must feel about making high-impact decisions.
  • Iva Vangelova feels now very secure about creating financial strategies and understanding finances on a deeper level.

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