Finance and Strategy

Business simulation with a focus on entrepreneurial thinking and action – strategy, finance, key figures for service companies

Business-Simulation: the Setting

In the simulation SIMDUSTRY® SIMService your participants become managers of competing service companies in a market. In several business periods, they develop and pursue their business strategy, make entrepreneurial decisions and manage internal processes with the goal of becoming the most successful company in the market!

Target group

  • Employees in management positions
  • Junior managers
  • Specialists without a business or finance background

Learning targets and topics

  • Company processes & value flows of service companies
  • Balance sheet, profit & loss statement, cash flow statement
  • Company’s decision-relevant indicators (KPIs)
  • Entrepreneurial thinking and acting to safeguard competitiveness
  • Strategy development & strategic decision-making process
  • Understanding the relationships between the topics staff – strategy – finance


  • 2-3 days
  • as a stand-alone training or embedded in a comprehensive development program


  • One-Pager (PDF)

Transformation Journeys – Examples

Transformation Journeys – Examples