SIMDUSTRY® Simulation-based trainings

The process

Your SIMDUSTRY® Business Simulation training consists of the following 4 steps. Steps 2 – 4 occur repeatedly throughout various simulation periods depending on the training duration.

Step 1 – Storyline

Every SIMDUSTRY® Business Simulation is embedded in a real business scenario, which can be customized to reflect the current challenges in your business and your company‘s strategic direction.

Step 2 – Simulation

Your delegates carry out the SIMDUSTRY® Business Simulation in competition with other simulation teams in the training room. As a team they make topic-relevant decisions and experience the impact of unexpected but realistic events. All events can be specially tailor-made to fit your business and delegate group.

Step 3 – Debriefs & Inputs

Every business period in the SIMDUSTRY® Business Simulation ends with debriefs and reflection exercises within the simulation teams and in the whole group. Models and theories relevant for the previous or coming simulation periods are then developed interactively with the group.

Step 4 – Application

The core element of each SIMDUSTRY® Business Simulation training is the transfer of the knowledge gained to the individual area of responsibility of each delegate. This occurs through individual and peer reflection exercises with guiding questions in a specially developed workbook.

Elements / possible components

Depending on the duration and goal of the training with a SIMDUSTRY® Business Simulation you can combine the following training and simulation components to suit your specific company or delegate group. Your simulation is thus designed to reflect your various learning goals and target groups.

In all SIMDUSTRY® simulations the participants are tasked with applying all the inputs, experiences, insights etc. directly to their business realities and teams.

In the training process flow there are always reflection periods, during which participants apply their learnings and thus leave the training with not only an advanced skill set, but also a working document for their personal area of responsibility – functional & personal!