Corporate Health Management

(Business) Simulation with a Focus on Healthy Leadership

Business-Simulation: the Setting

In the business simulation SIMDUSTRY® SIMHealth, your participants are moved to a mindset for healthy leadership.
The participants are sensitized in small groups, which are in competition with each other, for the field of action of leadership in the context of occupational health management. In doing so, you will learn what influence you as a leader can have on behavior and relationships in the workplace.

In concrete terms, participants have the task of managing performance as effectively and efficiently as possible, i.e. promoting, developing and maintaining it. In doing so, they must use resources (time and money) in a well-considered manner and achieve the best possible result.

The essential learning experience is the realization of how, within one’s own sphere of influence, targeted influence can be exerted on employees and the work setting in order to improve the performance of employees (in terms of motivation and improvement of the physical and mental health of the individual). The participants recognize that both the individual employee and the entire company benefit from these improvements.

Target Group

    • Executives /Managers
    • Junior managers with future team responsibilities
    • Team leaders

Learning objectives and content

    • Factors influencing mental & physical health
    • Basic Elements of Healthy Leadership
    • Building resilience in the team
    • Stress recognition & reduction in employees
    • Reflection & direct transfer of lessons learned to your own real team


      • 1-2 days
      • As stand-alone training or embedded in a comprehensive development program


      • Flyer / one-pager for the simulation about healthy leadership (PDF)

      Transformation Journeys – Examples

      Transformation Journeys – Examples