Highly Interactive Live Online Trainings


Choose the 4/7/20 success formula…

… and leverage the power of your virtual classroom

4”Active Integration

In intervals of max. 4 minutes the participants are actively integrated in the training setting.

7”New Input + Visualization

Every 7 minutes the participants work with a new input – supported by catchy online visualization

20”Change in Method

Every 20 minutes the method changes, using the huge variety of online training settings like peer group discussions in virtual break-out rooms, white board teamwork, surveys, presentations etc.

Choose your training topics

SIMDUSTRY® “ready-to-use” HITs in 5 crucial business areas

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Choose the depth of learning

3 different formats for anchoring your learning!


Support your people in the application by deepening the “advanced version” with a sharp follow-up HIT or virtual roleplay + performance coaching.


Add “Digital Learning Impulses” to refresh learnings and monitorthe transfer into the business reality.

Format “LEAN”

Receive a “stand-alone” HIT on any topic – solidly providingpractical insights + tools