Leadership in the VUKA world

Business-Simulation: the Setting

In the SIMDUSTRY® SIMComplexity simulation, your participants act as managers of various business units in the company. They are responsible for the performance of their team/department. In the course of several decision-making sequences, they analyze and evaluate situations of varying complexity in order to develop the appropriate strategies and approaches.

Target Group

  • Management executives
  • Future leaders

Learning targets and topics, i.a.:

  • Discover and observe complexity drivers
  • Analyze categories of problems methodically
  • Master the complete range of options to respond to problems
  • Use emotional intelligence in leadership
  • When key figures are not enough: learn the value of Values for orientation


  • 1-2 days
  • as a stand-alone training or embedded in a comprehensive development program


  • One-Pager (PDF)

Transformation Journeys – Examples

Transformation Journeys – Examples