Intercultural Leadership

Business simulation with a focus on intercultural leadership, as well as developing and leading high-performing teams

Business-Simulation: The Setting

In the simulation SIMDUSTRY® SIMIntercultural, your participants take on the leadership of a culturally divergent team. In the competition for the highest “Intercultural Team Score”, they have to identify, analyze & solve cultural hurdles. In the process, they expect tasks such as developing team members individually, initiating cooperation within the team, and increasing team performance as a whole.

Target Group

    • Managers
    • Emerging managers with upcoming team responsibility
    • HR professionals

Learning targets and topics

    • Developing intercultural sensitivity and competence
    • Managing culturally diverse working styles and interactions
    • Communicating effectively with international employees
    • Resolving intercultural conflicts
    • Reflect own culture / cultural background


  • 1-2 days
  • as a stand-alone training or embedded in a comprehensive development program


  • One-Pager (PDF)

Transformation Journeys – Examples

Transformation Journeys – Examples