Change Management

Business simulation with a focus on designing and implementing change initiatives

Business-Simulation: the Setting

SIMChange turns your delegates into board members in a complex corporate environment. Taking on responsibility for a change project, they plan action steps for change and discuss the expected impacts.
In reflection sessions they gain insights into the interaction in the system.
Your delegates experience hands-on the interconnectivity of areas and action fields in an organization and develop insights into organizational dynamics and the complexity in change processes.

SIMChange is based on the Generative Change model of dimension21.

Target Group

  • Newcomers in the leadership role & trainees
  • Experienced managers
  • HR managers and members of Change Teams
  • Organization developers

Learning targets and topics

    • Digging deeper into organizational dynamics
    • Gaining a deeper understanding of complex environments
    • Grasping how behavior patterns impact organizations during a change
    • Learning how to plan, initiate and support a change process
    • Getting a grip on the VUCA world

… and much more



  • 2 days
  • as a stand-alone workshop/training or embedded in a comprehensive development program



  • Flyer/OnePager (PDF)

Transformation Journeys – Examples

Transformation Journeys – Examples