New Work Leadership

(Business) Simulation with focus on virtual teams & digital leadership

Business-Simulation: The Setting

In the business simulation SIMDUSTRY®
SIMRemote, your participants become managers in competing companies who are responsible for the management and performance of a remote/virtual team. Over several business periods, they mentor and develop team and team members with the goal of the best “remote team score.”

Target Group

  • Manager
  • Future Manager

Learning targets and topics

    • Team dynamics in virtual settings
    • Care for team phases in the formation or transformation of teams
    • Criteria for employee selection (virtual team composition)
    • Communication and information flow in “remote teams“
    • Communication guidelines in remote settings (like meeting, mailing, feedback, coaching etc.)
    • Employee motivation over spatial & temporal distances
    • Personality indicators
    • Diversity


  • 1 + X days
  • as a stand-alone training or embedded in a comprehensive development program


  • One Pager – remote teams & digital leadership (PDF)

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Transformation Journeys – Examples

Transformation Journeys – Examples